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        Available products

        This is a complete list of the products we carry at Star Building Materials. For detailed information on the products and pictures please use the navigation to the left.

        Star Building Materials Specializes in masonry materials

        • Brick
        • Block
        • Centurion Stone
        • Mortar Type N-S-M
        • Cement and Lime
        • Pre-Mixed Mortar and Cements
        • Masonry Sands
        • White Sand
        • Wide Range of Mortar Colors
        • Masonry Cleaners and Waterproofers
        • Curing and Sealing Compounds
        • Thoro, Prosoco, and Diedrich Products

        Star Building Materials Carries a complete line of Brick by

        • General Shale
          Roanoke Plant, Mooresville Plant
          Louisville Plant, Sanford NC Plant
          Cape Fear NC Plant, Brickhaven NC Plant
          Marion Plant, Johnson City Plant
        • Owensboro Brick
        • Palmetto Brick
        • Statesville Brick
        • Hanson Michigan Brick
        • Hanson Canadian Brick
        • Columbus Brick
        • Redland Brick
        • Bowerston Brick
        • Old Virginia Brick
        • Brickettes

        Star Building Materials Carries a complete line of Masonry Tools

        • Crick Levels
        • Rose Trowels and Jointers
        • Marshalltown Trowels and Jointers
        • Kraft Tools
        • Magnolia Brushes
        • Wheelbarrows
        • Diamond and Abrasive Blades
        • Hoes, and Shovels

        Fireplace Materials
        Dampers, Flue Liners, Firebrick
        Ventless Fireplaces
        Direct Vent and Top Vent Fireplaces
        Wood burning Fireplaces

        Landscaping Products

        • Retaining Wall Systems
        • Alan Block
        • Ault Wall
        • Europa Tumbled Wall
        • Bedford Tumbled
        • Courtyard
        • Patio Brick Clay and Concrete
        • Stepping Stones
        • Fire Ring Kits

        Roofing Products

        Shingles, Felt, Ridge Vents
        Step Flashing, Valley Tin, Nails

        Miscellaneous Building Items

        • Plaster, Stucco, and Accessories
        • Polyethylene Film
        • Window Protect
        • Steel
        • Angle Iron, Rebar, Tie Wire, Road Mesh, Anchor Bolts
        • Silt Fence
        • Salt Products
        • Aggregates
        • Thoro System Products
        • Black Beauty

        Please feel free to browse our navigation to the left for more information and pictures of specific products we carry at Star Building Materials